If you are looking for a translation agency, there is plenty of choice. But how many of them put professional attitude, high quality and passion in their work?

There is no insignificant detail or a project too big for AEDA. We know how difficult though important it is to truly render the content from one language into another, and we are committed to do it in a professional manner.

„AEDA” Ltd. was established and started operations in 2006 thanks to the joint efforts of Galia Racheva, MA in English Philology, and Yordan Yordanov, MA in Spanish Philology. That same year AEDA was licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official translations. In 2013, we renewed our lincese and later that year, we were certified by the European standard for translation servivces EN 15038:2016.

Over the years, we built a network of translators and editors in Bulgaria and other countries, comprising over 100 professional translators holding language, technical or medical University degree. Our specialties are medical, pharma and legal translations. We do technical translations, official/certified translations and legalization of documents.

For the last 11 years, we have been doing our best to keep our clients confident they have professionals working for them. And many have trusted us.



We provide translation services focused in medicine, pharmaceuticals and legal. In case of specific terminology in any content, we carefully select translator/s having profound expertise and knowledge in the respective subject matter.

We divide the languages we work into several groups according to the workload they generate and the number of language professionals we are able to engage:

  • English
  • German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian
  • Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Ukranian
  • Hungarian and Swedish
  • Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese

AEDA can prodive translation from any of the above foreign language to Bulgarian and vice versa. Direct combinations between two of the listed foreign languages are also possible. You can get information on our rates for specific jobs by filling in the Ask a Quote form, or contacting us.

Medical and Pharmaceutical translation

Large part of our regular clients are multinational companies manufacturers of medicinal products, medical devices or equipment, as well as contract research organizations conducting clinical trails. Our agency employs translators with a medical or pharmaceutical background for these texts in order to ensure appropriate and correct terminology use.

Legal texts

Whetever the field they may operate, most of our clients will need at a certain point in time translation of legal texts, e.g. agreements, company registration documents, court decisions, etc. for administrative purposes. Our translators produce translation texts with the required quality and using proper terminology.

Legalization оf Documents

Legalization of a document with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not require any special license or other specific permission. Any company or individual can submit documents for legalization and receive them when ready. However using the services of an agency can save a lot of time, because agencies usually know every detail when it comes to legalize specific documents, business hours of relevant public institutions, and respective fees. AEDA assists clients with legalization of Bulgarian or foreign documents and provides consultation on prices, time frames and necessary additional procedures or supporting documents. For futher information please fill in our form or contact us.

Quality is Our Priority

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Freelance Translators

If you are a freelance translator and are looking for more work, please do not hesitate to contact us. All translators we employ at AEDA, before getting their first assignment from us, will have a translation test. AEDA is currently looking for freelance translators specialized in Medical, Pharmaceuticals and Legal.


If we agree that a translator "creates" a text, than the editor is the one who will "polish" it afterwards. Many time the reviewer’s work is not easier that that of translators. Just like not every sportsman will make a good coach, not every good translator can become a high-quality and dependable reviewer. If you are an experienced reviewer, you like your job and are willing to make a change, we will be happy if you contact us. As we do with all translators, you will have a reviewing test before you are assigned any real job.


Contacts and information are one of the most valuable assets in today’s business. AEDA provides compensation to agents who help the agency close a translation or legalization operation. If you want to profit from your contacts you can recommend us to your friends or clients that may need the services AEDA offers. In addition, you can become our agent in Sofia or elsewhere in the country. We will be happy to further discuss the details of a possible cooperation with you.


Translation Prices

  • The price for a translation will be calculated based on the total word count devided into 1,800 chars including spaces (the translation page standard in Bulgaria), and then applying the offered rate to the resulting number of pages.
  • Our minimum rate is the price for 1 page, even if the source text is smaller.
  • Special discounts will be offered for larger projects which need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis prior to starting translation.
  • For additional information and prices please fill in the form or contact us.

Document Legalization Prices

  • The price for legalization of a document comprises the fee of the relevant authority + AEDA’s fee.
  • For additional information and prices please fill in the form or contact us.


This is a translation that is issued on the official letterhead paper of an agency contracted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation must bear the agency’s official stamp and the signature of a certified translator. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
This is an official translation that is certified by the Consular Section of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only originals or notarized copies of original documents, bearing the requisite signatures, stamps, seals and certifications. A certified translation can be made from Bulgarian into any other language and vice versa. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
This is an official certification of a Bulgarian or foreign document by a Govermental or Municipal authority, or a Notary public, by means of signatures, official seals and, if applicable, revenue stamps. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
On April 30, 2001 the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 for abolishing the requirement for legalization for foreign public documents entered into force for the Republic of Bulgaria. It envisages unified method for legalizalization of documents from one State party to be produced in another state party or Convention party (including Bulgaria)
/http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php?act=conventions.status&cid=41/ .
These are public acts (e.g. documents issued by governmental authorities, court decisions, civil status documents etc., including notarized private documents, e.g. Power of Attorney, Declarations etc. intended for use abroad). The authentication is done by placing a special certificate (aposttille) on the document itself or on some of its attachments. Authentication by Apostille means that the document is certified by the competent authority in the country of origin. Depending on the type of document, there are 3 public authorities who can issue an apostille in Bulgaria – Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Justice, and Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
A person in possession of the proper language skills, education and qualifications, who has declared before Notary public stating that he\she will be responsible to provide true translations and in case they fail to do so, they will be punished by the law. All certified translators will be registered with the Certification and Legalization Department at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as working for one or more companies contracted by the Foreign Ministry to provide official translation. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
Usually, translations will be According to the operating standards in Bulgaria, one translation page comprises 1,800 characters (with spaces) of the target text. ‘Target text’ means the produced translation. Usually, in Bulgaria the price for a translation is based on the number of translation pages, i.e. the target text, and not the source text. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
A certified document is usually required by governmental or municipal authorities, notary publics, or some private entities (e.g. banks) in Bulgaria (if the document comes from a foreign country) or abroad (if a Bulgarian document). Any certified document need to go with an official translation in Bulgarian or the relevant foreign language. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
A public act issued by a Bulgarian governmental or municipal authority, or Notary public needs to be certified by the relevant Bulgarian authority to be legally valid in another country. If that country is a member of the Hague Convention (see "What is an Apostille" above), the document will need to have an apostille, except where there is a special ‘no-apostille‘ agreement signed between both countries. Otherwise, the document will need to be certified at the diplomatic mission of the country of destination in Bulgaria. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.
Any document issued in a foreign country may need to be certified by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before it can be legally used in Bulgaria. Unless there is a special agreement signed between Bulgaria and that country providing that no apostille is required, the document will need to have an apostille issued by the relevant public authority in the country of origin. If the country of origin in not a member of the Hague Convention, then the document will have to be certified at the Bulgarian diplomatic mission in that country before being forwarded to Bulgaria. For more details please e-mail us or fill in our request form.






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